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Fast Logistics

 We focused on ensuring our customers always get value for money when they work with us. Molders-Logistics Limited believes that prompt delivery of orders plays a vital role in ensuring that deadlines are met and that the business of our clients runs smoothly. Molders-Logistics Limited has a tried and tested system which makes it easy for clients and customers to effectively tell us the goods and services that they need us to supply or provide. Our tailor-made system is fast and reliable. There is a deep-rooted culture towards professional excellence which makes sure all orders have all the required information recorded, this ensures that each client or customer has their peculiar order well attended to. We always aim to create a business atmosphere where the client always feels doing business with us will always ensure his needs are always number one on our priorities. We deliver within set timelines to ensure our clients and customers go about their everyday business with minimal disruption.

Vessel Chartering

 to a fleet of vessels which are ready to undertake any clients’ requirements. We have a team of experienced professionals who are ready to assist the client’s every need. We make it a key point to fully understand the needs of our clients so we can provide a successful vessel charter. We take the necessary steps to learn your goals in order to find the best solution and provide the perfect service. We provide cost effective solutions to meet client vessel requirements. Our vessels are well maintained and ready for any destination. We make sure your cargo is safely delivered from the port of loading to its destination. We have the most competitive and cost-effective freight rates and we also offer the client the flexibility to negotiate terms and conditions that would be ideal for both the client and us.


Our well trained and experienced vessel chartering team and global relationships give us exclusive access to negotiate freight in the global market. We believe that constant communication and evaluation are key to a smooth voyage with minimal challenges. The collective experience and attention to detail helps us to save our clients time and money. The team of professionals collect and analyze information before, during and after each voyage, we have a state-of-the-art customized logistics management system that is ideal for analyzing this data.

Our logistics management system provides real-time information and access to vessels Exact Time of Arrival (ETAs), contract management and freight quote rates

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