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Air Freight Forwarding

Fast Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarders are specialists in overseeing the timely, efficient and cost-effective transportation of your goods. As freight forwarders, we don’t transport cargo ourselves – we act on your behalf to negotiate reduced rates with carriers, sort the paperwork, and liaise with carriers to ensure a smooth, successful delivery.

Whether you’re delivering commercial cargo or personal effects, freight forwarders can offer the best shipping solutions for you and your business, along with specialist advice and support.

kent is an independent freight forwarder with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. As major account holders with the biggest global carriers, including UPS, DHL, TNT and DPD, we’re able to negotiate the best possible shipping rates and pass those savings on to you.

While international freight shipping typically specialises in either sea freight, air freight or road transportation, we are the only major freight forwarder in the UK to offer services in each of these major categories and to offer door-to-door courier services. This means that we can tailor a shipping solution to your needs whatever your time frame and budget.

Items prohibited includes plants, animals, nuclear material, radiation emitting devices, hazardous material, controlled or restricted drugs, narcotics, gas, oil, propane and explosives.

The price of air transport for a cargo. Although it is calculated based on the volume of the goods, the cost of chartering is strongly influenced by variables such as the availability of physical means (of transport) on the desired route or the price of fuel at the moment in question.

  • Customs Warehouse (CW): This is a space where goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time, during which duty and tax payments are suspended. Goods will only become liable for duty and tax when they leave the premises again. It is an excellent option for companies with a medium-low inventory turnover, but who need to have stock on hand.
  • Warehouse Authorisation Others than Customs (WAOC): Also known as a tax warehouse, this is another place where goods can be kept for an unlimited time, offering advantageous conditions for the storage of goods imported within the EU, with no need to pay VAT in advance.

An air charter service is calculated based on the volume of the goods transported. However, it is strongly influenced by the availability of physical means (transport) on your desired route. By way of an example, bringing goods from China is much cheaper than it is to take them there. This is because shipowners are in high demand for bringing cargo from China to Europe, while it is more complicated to find freight to transport back out to China given the existing trade imbalance. Another variable with a strong influence is the oil price at the moment of travelling.

A forwarding agent or forwarder is an agent who acts on behalf of importers and exporters to organise safe and economical goods transport. Among their many tasks, the most common are facilitating transport, selecting the most efficient route, taking out insurance policies, choosing the appropriate packaging depending on the cargo and taking care of its storage and/or distribution.

The role of customs control is to regulate and inspect shipments in order to guarantee that commercial exchanges between different countries proceed legally, that they comply with all tax and duty obligations and with all other requirements related to their entry or exit.

As well as guaranteeing compliance with international trade rules, collecting taxes and duties due where appropriate, customs controls are a fundamental mechanism for preventing money laundering, tax fraud and drug trafficking.

Our multi-modal connections offer a winning combination of ocean freight economy and air freight speed, allowing you to take advantage of the speed of air freight and the cost effectiveness of ocean freight, so that you can make the most out of the combination. Our customers have benefited from our outstanding strength in air and ocean freight as well as our real-time visibility services at every step, from pick-up to delivery.

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